Why WesternOne Inc.?

Why Business Owners Look To WesternOne Inc.

WesternOne Inc. believes that owners seeking to sell their businesses would view WesternOne Inc. as an attractive business partner for the following reasons:

  • Liquidity and Diversity – By divesting some or all of their ownership in their business for either cash or equity in WesternOne Inc., entrepreneurs are able to monetize some value while diversifying their financial holdings;
  • Maintenance of Business Legacy – When WesternOne Inc. acquires a business, it attempts to retain its management and employees and maintain the company’s culture. In many situations, this also allows the implementation of an effective succession plan;
  • Lower Cost of Capital – WesternOne Inc.'s access to the public capital markets may provide its acquired businesses with a lower cost of capital. WesternOne Inc. has access to banking facilities and other financing sources which may provide enhanced financial flexibility for day-to-day operations and strategic initiatives to accelerate growth;
  • Able to Make Purchase Decisions Quickly - Through WesternOne Inc.'s experienced management and board of directors, WesternOne Inc. is able to perform due diligence and make informed investment decisions, thereby streamlining the business purchase and sale process.

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