Business of WesternOne Inc.

WesternOne Inc. seeks to acquire predominantly privately-owned small and medium sized businesses, located primarily in Western Canada.

WesternOne Inc.’s growth model:

  • accretive acquisitions of businesses that are positioned to take advantage of favorable economic trends in Western Canada, with a specific bias towards the construction and infrastructure service sector; and
  • organic growth from existing operations, including internal rental fleet expansions, new branch openings and expanded product and service offerings.

When selecting acquisition targets, WesternOne Inc. typically looks for candidates that meet its acquisition criteria of:

  • a history of stable cash flows;
  • a strong market share position;
  • strong growth potential, both internally and through add-on acquisitions;
  • a committed management team, post-acquisition; and
  • predominantly privately owned businesses.

WesternOne Inc.'s business strategy allows the management of each acquired company to continue to manage day-to-day operations of the company while WesternOne Inc. oversees the strategic, investment and capital allocation decisions for the business.

WesternOne Inc. has a strong executive team with a breadth of experience in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and asset management. The team has well-established connections in the Western Canadian marketplace, with ties to business owners in a variety of sectors.