Investment Approach

WesternOne Inc. grows both organically and through acquisition.

Growth through accretive acquisitions

WesternOne Inc. seeks opportunities to acquire and grow new platform businesses in a variety of industries that are consistent with its business strategy and which can complement existing portfolio businesses.

Potential acquisition targets may be private businesses whose owners wish to retire and do not have family or professional managers to take over the business, and private or public companies requiring capital for growth. WesternOne Inc. prefers to acquire a majority of the ownership of each such business, utilizing a combination of cash, debt and equity through issuance of common shares. WesternOne works with business owners to structure the most efficient exit strategy from both a tax and operational viewpoint.

Organic Growth

WesternOne Inc. builds upon the track record of the acquired businesses, and provides strategic guidance and financial resources to support growth in revenues and profits. Management of each of WesternOne Inc.’s platform businesses focuses on operations and growing the business; WesternOne Inc. provides financial and strategic oversight and financing required to grow the business.