Our Business

WesternOne Inc. seeks to acquire and grow businesses in the construction and infrastructure services sectors in Western Canada. Its primary business platform, WesternOne Infrastructure Services, is a leading provider of construction heat services and aerial equipment rentals to businesses in the construction, infrastructure, film and television industries in Western Canada. 

WesternOne’s investment approach is to grow through the acquisition of “platform” businesses and then to continue to build revenues and earnings within these businesses. Value is created by keeping the acquired businesses focused on high growth, high margin niches where they can maintain and develop the deep knowledge, expertise, and understanding of their customers’ needs required to deliver superior service.

WesternOne Infrastructure Services (WIS) has branches across British Columbia and Alberta serving all major markets.

Through offering high-quality equipment and dedicated services, WIS provides effective and timely equipment rental services to its primary markets including mid-sized construction companies in the commercial, residential and infrastructure industries and niche markets such as the television and movie production and shipbuilding sectors. 

WIS has two major lines of business:

Temporary Heat and Air Quality Management.
WIS provides a complete end-to-end heating, cooling, and air quality management service for large and small construction projects throughout Western Canada. 

Services include:

  • Project engineering;
  • Provision of all equipment including heaters, air conditioning, dehumidifiers, power, and other related equipment;
  • Provision of diesel and propane fuel;
  • Remote monitoring and control of equipment and environmental conditions on site, including the operating status of equipment, humidity, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and fuel levels;
  • Provision of training and certification in safe operation and use heaters and on site fuel safety.

Rental of Man and Material Lifts.
WIS has a fleet of over 1,500 man and material lifts, ranging from small scissor and single man lifts to ultra high-reach and high-capacity man and material lifts, as well as attachments and specialized equipment for specific industries.  Safety training and certification services for aerial equipment and fall protection are also offered. Customers include the construction, resource, film, maintenance, and shipyard industries throughout Western Canada.

In addition to the two major lines above, some locations also provide general construction equipment rentals that complement the heat and aerial businesses.

To find out more, please visit WesternOne.ca