Founded in 1977, Britco has grown into one of the largest commercial modular construction companies in North America.

Britco helps customers rethink what is possible in building design and functionality. Britco’s off-site modular approach to building design and construction results in a more efficient and environmentally sustainable project. Because site preparation and off-site construction take place at the same time, Britco’s modular construction approach leads to a significant reduction in the construction-to-occupancy timeline and allows Britco to deliver successful projects to customers in extremely challenging remote locations.

Britco has two modular construction facilities in British Columbia, Canada, and one in Texas, USA. In addition to these facilities, Britco has rental branches and sales offices in Langley, Nanaimo, Prince George and Kelowna, British Columbia and Calgary, Alberta.

Britco specializes in permanent modular construction projects, including hotels, seniors’ housing, retail locations and multi-unit residential townhouses and apartment buildings. In 2015, Britco completed Canada’s first multi-unit Passive House project – a townhouse complex that is 80% more energy efficient and emits 80% less greenhouse gasses than a building using traditional building standards.

Britco has experienced design, manufacturing, transport and installation teams to provide high quality space solutions for workforce accommodations and industrial camps. Britco is a major supplier of workforce accommodations to the resource and utility markets in Canada and the United States. The home-away-from-home amenities of a Britco-built workforce camp include full-sized gymnasiums, squash courts, fitness centres, and ice rinks, games lounges with pool tables and arcades, movie theatres, modern cafeteria-style dining areas and bedrooms with hotel quality finishes.

Bella Bella Passive House Project.                                           Jackfish Lodge Workforce Accommodations.

Britco owns one of the largest fleet of modular rental units in Western Canada, with over 1,700 modular buildings available for rent. Britco offers a wide variety of modular buildings in many sizes and floor plans that provide solutions to temporary space requirements along with delivery and installation services. Britco’s rental fleet includes construction site offices, mobile offices, office complexes, classroom portables, sales centres, first-aid buildings, washroom facilities storage containers, secure site offices and covered walkways. These buildings can also be modified, expanded and easily relocated to accommodate space requirements.

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